The Shadow of Çınar is the story of how the life of young Çınar (meaning plane) who used to have a happy life with her husband and three children turned upside down in a night… Under the Shadow of the Plane is the struggle of a young women whose family broke up with a slander and whose life was stolen for existing… The Shadow of Çınar is the story of those are hit for six by people whom they think are their friends, who are patient and far from complaining and become comrades with longing…
Happy life of Çınar who is a very young mother yet turns upside down due to being slandered. Çınar fails into a trap of her brother-in-law and his wife whom she thought were her friends and relatives passes twenty years of her life in prison due to a crime which she did not commit. Her husband whom she loved very much dies and Çınar failed to persuade anyone including the court about her innocence.
Years pass. Çınar’s children grow up hating her and thinking she was dead. Life of poor Çınar who does not have a single visitor for twenty years changes suddenly when she is released on parole. Çınar who has her freedom when she was so desperate goes to her children without thinking. Nobody waited for her, neither her brother-in-law’s wife, her brother-in-law, her mother-in-law nor her children… And nobody is happy that she returned. Some gets their knife into Çınar because they do not want their sins to become evident, others because they are deceived, because they did not know or see…
Çınar is in trouble… She learnt to tolerate the difficulties she has had for many years owing to her belief and now she is determined not to leave her children whatever it may cost. Although her children did not want Çınar she will not devote her later life to prove her innocence to her children. And although what she would learn in this difficult journey are more painful than what she experienced, in fact everything starts now for Çınar who has nothing to lose.